Two Appetizer Bites - Gorgonzola Grapes & Spinach Puffs

Little appetizer bites, little bits of yum. I really love heavy hors devours. These two recipes are delicious and relatively simple. The gorgonzola grapes are rich and juicy and the spinach puffs pack a salty little feta punch. 

Spinach, Feta, & Onion Puff Pastry Bites - a quick, delicious appetizer.

In my day job I plan several large events. I love ordering catering that's unique. I hate food in vats. I just don't want to see another chafing dish full of limp chicken - at any event, let alone my own. I've started asking for menus that are really just heavy appetizers. I think it allows for more flow in a room if people aren't trapped at tables with large plates of food. It also lets people try multiple different types of food. 

It's also a way I enjoy eating at home - having a large spread of several small items. It's easy to lay out a cutting board filled with cheese, crackers, and olives; a bunch of fruit; some nuts; and a few puff pastry treats. The best part is it looks impressive! We eat with our eyes as well, so having a table set out with lots of different types of food makes people feel like there's an abundance, even if it didn't take you hours to make. Win. 

Gorgonzola grapes with walnuts - a rich, creamy, and simple appetizer - perfect for a fancy dinner party or brunch.

Enjoy these lovely apps!

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