Tempura Vegetables with Ginger Soy Sauce

I love ordering tempura veggies from the Japanese place nearby. The vegetables are perfectly cooked and coated in total decadence. Look, these are a splurge meal - they're vegetables yes, but the batter has a beer and vodka in it and they're fried in oil. But, sometimes, it's just worth it.

Tempura Vegetables with a Ginger Soy Sauce | Shiny Happy Bright

I was pretty sure tempura batter and frying vegetables was going to be difficult and time consuming - I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is actually a reasonably simple recipe. The trick was getting the batter the right consistency, and learning how large to cut the veggies. (also, oh my, it's hard to take pretty photos of tempura! sighs)

Vegetables for Tempura Mix

I chose to use a mix of bell peppers, green beans, red onion, and zucchini. I cut everything to the sizes below and it worked well. Be careful with the zucchini and red onion - too little and all you taste is the batter, but too large a piece won't cook well. For the zucchini, cut it no more than finger width, and the red onions, about the same.

You can use any other veggies you like with this recipe. I've had it with cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, eggplant, yellow squash, etc. But, I really, really recommend the red onion. It's just the best. The onion's consistency in tempura is phenomenal.

Cut Vegetables for Tempura Mix

I tried a few different batter consistencies and I'm very happy with the one I've written up for you below - it's light enough that you don't get overwhelmed by batter, but thick enough that it stays on the vegetables. The vodka and beer add the lightness to this recipe, and the wonderful little bubbles.

If you don't drink alcohol, you can achieve a very similar affect with soda water. Just remove the alcohol and add the same amount of fizzy water.

Tempura Vegetables Recipe with a Ginger Soy Sauce | Shiny Happy Bright

Tempura veggies do NOT keep well in the fridge. Once you make them, you need to serve them. So if you don't want to make four servings, half or quarter this recipe.

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Tempura Vegetables with a Ginger Soy Sauce | Shiny Happy Bright