Shallot & Mushroom Tarte Tatin with Burrata

Have I got a good recipe for you today - puff pastry with sautéed shallots and mushrooms - topped with burrata and arugula. It's a beautiful tarte tatin - an upside down pastry (usually made with fruit, but liberties were taken here). You are going to LOVE this recipe - it's absolutely delicious. Also, I think it's pretty!

Shallot & Mushroom Tarte Tatin with Burrata | Shiny Happy Bright

So, it was 54 degrees (12 C) outside on Saturday -- in January, in Chicago (!) -- and I spent as much of the day as I could in the sun. I had pottery class, which I always go to on Saturday mornings, but then I went for two long walks and on only one of them did I play Pokémon Go (yes, I've taken it up gets me outside, okay?!) It was absolutely glorious. We ran into a Girl Scout who was making her way through the neighborhood selling cookies. We got a little carried away and ordered 6 boxes. Thin mint lovers, unite! 

I also got a new pair of glasses, with my updated prescription and tbh, I feel a little like a superhuman right now. My vision is almost too clear and when I turn my head my eyes don't have to readjust. I guess I forgot how sharp everything could look! I've seen a few two-tone glasses lately that I've really liked, so I'm considering getting this pair from Warby Parker. Neat, huh?

Shallot & Mushroom Tarte Tatin with Burrata | Shiny Happy Bright
Shallot & Mushroom Tarte Tatin with Burrata | Shiny Happy Bright

On the recipe side of things - I've always found this guide from the Kitchn to be helpful when using puff pastry. I've gotten a lot better about puff pastry over the years and my biggest tip is this - don't freak out and pull it out of the oven too quickly, let it cook a little longer than you feel comfortable with and it will probably be just right. Undercooked puff pastry it the worst - it's gummy and looks flat. Don't worry if the pastry you're using for this really puffs up in the oven, it's going to come down a bit once it comes out - and you want it to brown. For reals. It creates a delicious flaky crust. 


I hope you have a wonderful week and that you enjoy this gorgeous recipe! Let me know if you have any questions about this recipe or what level I'm on in Pokémon Go...I'm happy to oblige. 

*Go ahead and buy puff pastry at the store, don't bother making it! Definitely buy all-butter puff pastry though - my favorite brand is Dufour

This recipe was inspired by a recent bon appétit magazine article - which I'm unfortunately unable to find online - it was one of their recommended restaurant recipes.

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