Roasted Grape Salad

I bought a tri-colored grapes box from Trader Joe's and wanted to do something fun with it. I love-love-love grapes - I eat them for breakfast or freeze them for an afternoon snack, but I'd never tried roasting them before, so it seemed like an exciting proposition. 

It got a little too exciting and I set off three fire alarms in our apartment. But, seriously, the fire alarms in our rental apartment are crazy finicky - I grilled corn the other day and they went and any time I roast anything (even if only for a few minutes -- like these grapes) they go crazy. I had all the windows open and I was running around whipping two dishtowels through the air before I realized, perhaps turning the oven off might be a good idea. 

Roasted Grape Salad - a delicious, vegetarian salad from Shiny Happy Bright

If you don't have ridiculous fire/smoke alarms, I'd suggest roasting your grapes a bit longer than I did. I got in a solid five minutes before I had to abort the mission, but if you can do seven, that would really make them gushy and perfect. 

I roasted more grapes than I used for this salad and I paired them with vanilla yogurt the next morning for breakfast and it was a 10 out of 10 meal - super flavorful, sweet and healthy. 

roasted grapes

I paired the roasted grapes in this salad with blue cheese because I love the kick and pungent flavor, but if you're not a blue cheese fan I think feta would work in this salad as well. The arugula is still going to give you a peppery kick, so if you mellow the cheese, you will still have a flavorful salad. 

Roasted Grape Salad - a delicious, vegetarian salad from Shiny Happy Bright

I'm considering this as a Thanksgiving side dish, because grapes are still in season through most of autumn. Enjoy!

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Roasted Grape Salad - a delicious and easy vegetarian side dish from Shiny Happy Bright