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Ricotta Toasts - Two Ways

Ricotta Toasts - Two Ways

I need to make one thing clear - this is strictly a weekend toast in our household. I do not grill tomatoes on Tuesday mornings, I'm lucky if I get PB on toast during the week. But, on weekends, I'm all in on the fancy toasts. 

The first toast is delicious and savory with ricotta, grilled tomatoes, and avocado. The second is sweeter, with ricotta, fresh blueberries, and honey. 

Ricotta Toast - Two Ways: Grilled Tomato & Avocado + Blueberries & Honey - A delicious, healthy breakfast or snack | Shiny Happy Bright

So, by now I'm guessing you've seen the video of the lady laughing in the Chewbacca mask (if not, check it out here.) I've watched it numerous times, and every time I end up laughing till I cry. I'm so pleased that something so genuinely positive went so massively viral.  Usually, we laugh at videos of negative things happening, and this was something that millions of people related to that was lighthearted and silly. Sometimes, the Internet is the best. 

Ricotta Toast with Blueberries & Honey | Shiny Happy Bright

I spend a lot of time watching humorous YouTube videos - usually old SNL skits. They got me to reread Amy Poehler's book, Yes Please. She has a chapter where she talks about what goes in to 'making it' and how so many people like to believe it's easy to become famous. Poehler writes:

Good or bad, the reality is most people become “famous” or get “great jobs” after a very, very long tenure shoveling s*** and not because they handed their script to someone on the street. People still think they will be discovered in the malt shop, even though no one can tell you what a malt is anymore. Everyone wants to believe they will be the regular guy from Sioux City who becomes a reluctant movie star despite his best attempts to remain a sensitive tattoo artist. People don’t want to hear about the fifteen years of waiting tables and doing small shows with your friends until one of them gets a little more famous and they convince people to hire you and then you get paid and you work hard and spend time getting better and making more connections and friends. Booooring. It’s much more interesting to believe that every person who makes it in show business just wrote a check to their mother when they were eighteen for a million dollars with an instruction to “cash in a year.”

First off, I love this - Amy Poehler is a national treasure. Second, I can tell you what a malt is (hello, I love chocolate malts), and third, for reals I needed to read this - not because I want to be a famous sketch comedian, but because as with anything you want, it takes time. I want to have a successful food blog, and I want to work for myself, and I want to create things for a living. But, it doesn't happen overnight and every month, I get a little better a photography and a little more knowledgable about social media, but it takes so. much. time. I spend many, many hours a week at this and I love it, but sometimes I wish it was a quicker process. 

I listen to two podcasts for food bloggers - the Chopped podcast and Food Blogger Pro podcast - it seems as though their constant refrain is just stick with it. It's uncomfortable to hear, but so important. 

Do you have anything like this in your life? 

Ricotta Toast with Avocado & Grilled Tomatoes - A delicious, healthy breakfast or snack | Shiny Happy Bright

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