Muhammara (Spicy Red Pepper) Dip with Pita Chips & Crudites

Muhammara is a delicious, lightly spicy dip that's originally from the Levant countries of Syria and Lebanon. The first time I had it at a Syrian restaurant I was smitten. It's just a glorious, all-purpose dip. Here, I've served it with pita chips and crudites, but it can be served as a sauce or dressing for kebabs or as a spread on a sandwich. 

Muhammara (Spicy Red Pepper) Dip with Pita Chips | Shiny Happy Bright

The only finicky part of making this is roasting the red peppers and removing the skin - it cuts down on any bitterness if you get rid of the skin (although if you're running short on time - it's not absolutely necessary). If you want to make it really easy on yourself, you can buy the red peppers pre-roasted and prepared

Muhammara (Spicy Hot Pepper) Dip with Pita Chips and Crudites | Shiny Happy Bright

The red peppers give this the bulk of the flavor, but the pomegranate molasses and the walnuts are what really take it over the top. 

Muhammara (Spicy Red Pepper) Dip with Pita Chips & Crudites | Shiny Happy Bright

*Pomegranate molasses recipe can be found on this post.  

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