Mixed Berry Crumble

No two ways about it, crumble is delicious. This mixed berry crumble is sweet, but tart and has a perfect mix of crunchy top and juicy fruit base.

Mixed Berry Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream | Shiny Happy Bright

I paired it with some vanilla bean ice cream, and yes, I had two bowls immediately because it was so good. I was going to split a bowl with my husband and I handed it to him and said try it. I turned around two minutes later and it was all gone - I was like what?! we were splitting this! He claims I did not make it clear, but I say it just goes to show how good a bowl of crumble can be!

Base of the Mixed Berry Crumble | Shiny Happy Bright

If you feel so inclined you can even have it for breakfast, because oats + fruit = breakfast, right? Just ignore the bit about the sugar and the butter!

Mixed Berry Crumble | Shiny Happy Bright

I've served many a crumble at a dinner party, because they're easily made ahead and reheated quickly in the oven. I highly recommend this if you want a stress free end to a dinner.


*I used a cherry, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry mix. I use frozen berries this time of year because they're picked when fresh and immediately frozen, but in the summer this recipe works great with fresh berries.

Inspired by this beautiful recipe on Food & Wine.

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Mixed Berry Crumble | Shiny Happy Bright