Fennel Gratin

Look, I'm here to say what we are all thinking - is this the most beautiful dish ever? No, it is not. But, it is everything you want in a gratin - rich depth of flavor, with a slightly crunchy top, and a lovely hint of cheese. The fennel turns tender and quite frankly wonderful. 

This is a perfect side dish accompaniment to a special dinner, possibly even a Thanksgiving dinner. 

Fennel Gratin - an easy, vegetarian side dish from Shiny Happy Bright

Unfortunately, I only have one photo of this dish for you - if you want to see several slightly odd photos of just breaded topping, let me know, I'll be happy to send you all 50. Some dishes are all bright and cheery and I can take 70 photos and be happy with about 60 of them. And then there is this dish, which vexed me, until I tasted it, and I forgave it. What it lacks in photographic beauty, it makes up for in flavor and richness.

Side dishes forever! Enjoy, and do let me know if you make it! I truly love getting your feedback. 

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