Citrus Vodka Spritzer

Um, this citrus vodka spritzer cocktail is mainly awesome because it's PINK! (and it tastes great + it's really easy to make). Look, I know you're going to say - you don't to spend the time want infusing the vodka with citrus overnight (I know this because several of my friends told me they wouldn't do it...) Don't be like them, make this cocktail!

Citrus Vodka Spritzer - a refreshing, simple cocktail recipe | Shiny Happy Bright

Seriously, this is a simple and easy cocktail recipe that yields totally-worth-it results. It passed the husband-approved cocktail test. The husband sets a high bar for drinks - he doesn't mess around. So when I saw him go back for seconds, I knew I had a winner.

As the blood orange sits overnight, it turns the vodka a stunning, rosy color. You can infuse it for a few days if you like, but I find that 24 hours suffices. Frankly speaking, this is just a gussied up vodka tonic. I'm actually not super fond of vodka tonics on their own - I'll only drink them when they have some flavor added.

Citrus Vodka Spritzer | Shiny Happy Bright

That's how I used to feel about gin and tonics, though too, and now they hold a special place in my heart because of the memories associated with them. I went on one of the most life-altering, special trips of my life a few years ago to Kenya. I was on safari for several days and was lucky enough to go on a sundowner (drinking G&Ts and eating chips in an open sided Jeep) overlooking a lion pride with a bunch of little cubs (AND it was raining!) It was pretty much the greatest moment of my life. To this day, I can just smell a G&T and it takes me back to lion cubs + rain. 

That's really the power of great food and drink, isn't it? It brings back such memories. You say the words zucchini soup and I remember the endless fights with my parents to get us to eat it when we were little (What were we thinking? Zucchini soup is so delicious. Kids are crazy). Crab rangoon will forever be associated with silly nights out with friends. Pad Thai brings no specific memory, but just an overall sense of well-being and comfort.

Maybe this cocktail will help you make memories - or maybe it will just be a tasty drink. Either way, enjoy!

Citrus Vodka Spritzer | Shiny Happy Bright

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