Baked sun-dried tomato falafel with a bulgur salad

I used to call falafel "full of awful"...oh how times have changed. This currently one of my favorite meals. 

Baked sun-dried tomato falafels with a bulgur salad and tahini dressing. A healthy, vegan recipe.

The thing about falafel is that it needs a few friends to make it a stand out dish - always tahini and usually a green salad and sometimes some pita bread. I cannot stress how much you need a tahini sauce with falafel - they are made for each other.  

When I have falafel it's usually the deep fried kind, in a pita sandwich. Which is, of course, delicious. But in the spirit of a) eating healthier and b) not getting oil all over my kitchen, when I make falafel at home it's always baked. Being a devotee of Mark Bittman, I started using his baked falafel recipe a few years ago and have modified it a few ways since then. 

So, I kept seeing people writing about the International Year of Pulses and I finally checked it out. I think most of us know about how nutritious chickpeas, lentils, and beans are, but, I think it's really cool there's a whole year to celebrate them and encourage people to get more of them in their diet. I have a slight obsession with collecting pulses, different types of rice, nuts, and dried fruit. I have several matching sets up tupperware that I've labeled - black quinoa, red quinoa, white quinoa, walnuts, slivered almonds, whole almonds, green lentils, red get the picture. Other than making me THRILLED every time I open the cabinet (I <3 organization), it really helps me track what I'm running low on. I know that I'll always be able to make a slow cooker lentil soup if I've got that cabinet stocked. 

Prepping the Falafel
Bulgur Salad with Spinach, Parsley, and Tomatoes

I hope you enjoy this delicious bowl! Let me know if you make it - hit me up on Instagram - @shinyhappybright

*I used one plum tomato and a handful of yellow and red cherry tomatoes

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Baked sun-dried tomato falafels with a bulgur salad and tahini dressing. A healthy, vegan recipe.