Happy Election Day!


Happy do-your-civic-duty-day, American friends! :)

In reality, today is about so much more than a civic duty - it's a right, an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure to be able to vote.

While we joke and lament about this year's election being truly beyond the pale (and take some catharsis in referring to it as a dumpster fire), I am choosing optimism.

I have an enough-pie-for-everyone mentality. I have never believed in scarcity of opportunity and I believe we need to make that a reality for more people. Things like climate change scare me to bits, but I know American (and international!) ingenuity will prevail and technology I cannot fathom will be commonplace for my future children (I often tell Joseph our future kids are going to be Mars explorers).

I refuse to believe that there is more that divides us than unites us. I've so enjoyed moving back to the US this year, in part because it was the first time in two decades that I was able to vote in person and not by absentee ballot. This election season has caused huge stress, but we can and will move beyond the rhetoric.

Much love friends and (if you haven't already) go vote!